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I am Capable was created with the intention of inspiring people to believe in themselves, and their capabilities. The words "I am" are powerful words that can form a statement. These words have the ability to transmute the way we think and feel about ourselves. Read More → 

 I want to share my story through my blogs; as well as, share stories of others that may contribute to helping people pursue a life that excites them. A life filled with love, passion, happiness. I want to help others achieve things within themselves they didn't think were possible because of their limiting beliefs, or because failures caused them to stop short, or because of fear prevented them from ever trying. ANYONE can do what they desire to do if they BELIEVE in themselves, but one MUST have FAITH, and the DESIRE for more than they are currently receiving in life. 




Follow my blog, learn how being uncomfortable and fear pushed me to aspire for great changes in my life. How failure provided the opportunity to make a drastic change in my life. Read More →


Write to me, tell me about your experiences removing limiting beliefs or taking a leap of faith to overcome a fear. E-mail me →