I AM ...



I Am Capable was created with the intention of inspiring people to believe in themselves and their capabilities. The social forum is created to help others achieve things within themselves they didn't think were possible because of their limiting beliefs, because failures caused them to stop short, or because fear prevented them from ever trying. ANYONE can do what they desire to do if they BELIEVE in themselves, but one MUST have FAITH, and the DESIRE for more than they are currently receiving in life. This social sharing site is for people who want to help others through their stories.

We all have stories. Stories are a beautiful way we can can learn from one another and be inspired. What's your story?  Share your story here with others, as you never know whose life it could have a positive impact on. Life has challenged each one of us and we all have had triumphs in different capacities, all of these experiences are worth sharing. There is no accomplishment too small. Please share your story and knowledge, help motivate or inspire those who have not yet started their journey to accomplish a goal.

The words "I am," are powerful words that can form a statement. These words have the ability to transmute the way we think and feel about ourselves. Learn more about affirmations→